Getting Started

Setting up Firebase

The first step to installing See Your Visitors is to create a firebase account.

Setup Authentication

From your firebase dashboard Select Authentication

Click Authentication

Then from the "Sign-in Method" tab enable the Anonymous sign-in provider.

Enable Anonymous Sign-Ins

From the firebase dashboard select "Add Firebase to your web app"

Select Add Firebase to web app

From there you need to copy the firebase config

Firebase Settings

Copy the following snippet of Javascript into the page you want to see visitors on, replacing YOUR_FIREBASE_KEY, YOUR_FIREBASE_AUTH and YOUR_FIREBASE_DATABASE with the configs shown above.

(g[n].q=g[n].q||[]).push(arguments)},g[n].l=1*new Date();t=i.createElement(a),
gg('create', {
    apiKey: "YOUR_FIREBASE_KEY",
    authDomain: "YOUR_FIREBASE_AUTH",

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